Easy Veazey Custom Paint

Airbrushing, Pinstriping, & Hand Lettering. Old-skool since it was new

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Great Lakes Gassers

The principle driving force behind Great Lakes Gassers is to entertain the crowd.  We believe that we offer a very unique set of nostalgia cars.  We have Willy's, tri-five Chevy's, Henry J's, Falcon's, Comet's, Plymouths, Dodge's, Pontiac's, altered wheel base cars, pick-ups.  If it is pre 1968 vehicle model and it fits the rules and if you can play well with others in the sand box then contact us via e-mail or Facebook. 

Thank You

Tim Timoszyk - timoszykags@gmail.com

Jon Tomkins - jtomkins0527@charter.net

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