Great Lakes Gassers Rules


  1. All vehicle must pass NHRA / IHRA inspection at host track
  2. All vehicle must 1967 and older models and have fenders on all 4 corners.  Vehicles must have a straight axle front end.  Cars must represent the spirit of a gasser from the 60's.
  3. Period correct wheels only I.E. steelies, Ansens, Cragars, Halibrand, no modern billet wheels
  4. All vehicle must have a period correct paint scheme or primer.  No modern graphics will be allowed.  Vehicle must reflect the spirit off the 60's gassers.
  5. No delay boxes are allowed.
  6. No air shifters
  7. Rev limiters are allowed only to protect the engine.  Non adjustable mechanical stops may be used but cannot be controlled while the car is in motion.  They must be permanently installed under the gas pedal or on the throttle linkage only.
  8. Any steel or aluminum heads allowed.
  9. Superchargers are limited to 8:71 roots type only.
  10. Any intake and carb combination or mechanical fuel injection allowed.  No electronic fuel injection allowed.
  11. Only gas and alcohol allowed as fuel, no nitro methane.  NITROUS OXIDE is not permitted.   
  12. No modern looking snorkel scoops or aero wings allowed.
  13. All cars must run open headers.
  14. Any ignition system is allowed.
  15. No data recorders are allowed.
  16. Trans brakes and/or line locks are allowed
  17. All vehicles must dial  9.50, 10.0, 10.50, 11.0, 11.50, 12.0, 12.50, 13.0, 13.5. When running index races I.E. Milan Drag way points series.
  18. All races are run on a .400 pro tree. 
  19. All indexes are an even .5 second incremented index with the competition ladder established by the host track based on reaction time (R/T) during qualifying time trials.  First round "by-runs" if any, will be established by the competition ladder.  Any subsequent by-runs will be dictated by the flow of the competition ladder.  Once the ladder is established and competition begins no changes or deviations to the ladder will be permitted.
  20. Lane choice in all rounds will be dictated by the member with the higher qualifying position.
  21. All Great Lakes Gasser vehicles must have four fenders and may not be center steer.  No altereds or dragsters will be permitted.
  22. All rules are subject to change at the discretion of the GLG Tech Committee.  The GLG organization reserves the right to refuse or expel any person or persons for conduct detrimental to the groups goal of racing and having fun.

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